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With the right partner in web design, your new site should bring simplicity, excitement and results.

Beautiful custom WordPress websites.

WebUp Designs specializes in customizing WordPress websites. That means your website will be tailored to fit the needs of your business with a striking design, an abundance of powerful features and easy navigation, all built on well-planned strategies. At WebUp Designs, each relationship with clients is built one at a time to focus on your expectations in web design and online business solutions.

During the initial discovery process, the objective is to discuss your company and website goals, competitors, target markets, content, site features, social media interface, and many other needs. So, by working towards the same goals, blending your knowledge about your business and the knowledge I have about design and strategy, we will make a strong team. Our collaborative efforts will create enthusiasm and results. Together we will create an impressive and effective site that you can be proud of, gets noticed and achieves results.







 Websites with flexibility and ease.

WebUp Designs uses WordPress to create beautiful and effective custom websites with simplicity so clients can easily continue to manage the site themselves. WordPress has been around for 16 years and is powerful software that enables you to create, edit, publish and manage content with ease and flexibility.

WordPress allows users to have full control over their content files and the design and look of their site. When creating the site, WebUp Designs will install the WordPress software script onto your own web server and then use the web-based editor to create web pages. Once WebUp Designs has created your initial site, you can learn how to maintain it with some upfront training and minimal ongoing training if needed.

WordPress is  user- friendly and adaptable.

Integrate many features into your site.

Themes and plugins enable customization options.

WebUp Designs can adapt your website the way you want with style, pages, color, images, logo, navigation and more. There are thousands of WordPress themes and WebUp Designs helps sort through them to select the right one that best matches a businesses criteria. WebUp Designs also knows some of the best plugins to enhance your site and which plugins to stay away from that might slow down your site.

Many selections of themes and plugins add features for site customization such as contact forms, photo galleries, e-commerce, social sharing, forms, event calendars, SEO tools, google maps, pricing tables, polls, Google Analytics dashboard, and much more. Look no further, WebUp Designs can integrate these into your site and train you for ongoing site management.


Photo Galleries

Display a custom image portfolio and attract attention

E-Commerce Shops

Get your on online store up and running in no time

Calendar & Events

Plan events, register attendees and manage calendars

SEO Site Tools

Write better content and improve your site optimization

Dashboard Analytics

View your Google Analytics reports and real-time stats

Form Builders

Simply add contact forms and customized forms with ease

Google Maps

Display Google Maps on any page and be seen on all devices

Video and Sliders

Insert video or custom sliders for striking impressions


Responsive Web Design

WebUp Designs creates all websites to be responsive and viewed on any device.

Adapt your website’s views on mobile phones and tablets.

All WordPress themes developed by WebUp Designs are responsive. So they are built to adapt to various screen resolutions and look incredible on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and any size computer. This allows anyone to get their website off the ground quickly and adapts to all viewers. More and more mobile devices and tablets are flooding the market every day, changing the way people use the Internet. It’s now more important than ever to have a responsive design on your website to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets, in addition to computers or laptops.  Google is now using mobile-friendly sites as a ranking factor. So all sites must be mobile friendly or they get penalized on search rankings.

Responsive design is a concept aimed at designing sites that allow users on smaller devices like mobiles and tablets to get the full browsing experience. This includes everything from reading to navigation, and getting the benefit of all the features found on robust websites viewed on desktops. A responsive website uses the same URL and HTML across all devices. The only thing that changes is the CSS, the programming language that describes the style and formatting for a web page.

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